Stromboli by Night

Unique beauty, fascinating geophysical characteristics (two of the islands are active volcanoes!), a wealth of history, great beaches, stunning views, and mouthwatering cuisine …
Stromboli by Night

Despite all this, the Aeolian Islands remain fairly unknown out of Italy and surprisingly unspoiled outside the peak weeks of August. There are seven inhabited islands in this volcanic archipelago, each offering its own distinct atmosphere, sense of hospitality and charm.

Leaving from Tropea in the afternoon you arrive on a comfortable motor boat at Stromboli. You have the chance to explore the historical centre of San Vicenzo with its winding streets, boutique shops and characteristic restaurants until sunset. Back on board you sail out to sea to watch the dramatic eruptions of the Sciara del Fuoco (fire slide) in the darkness.

Dramatic Stromboli, in permanent eruption, maybe the most famous and spectacular of the Aeolian Islands. It is certainly one of the most active volcanoes in Europe and well worth is a visit of the famous firewall called “Sciara di Fuoco”.

-Sciara del fuoco (fire slide)
-Black beaches, possibility to go swimming
-Active vulcanos - explosion of Stromboli
-Visit of the centre
-Panoramic points

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